The Alternative

Do nothing!!! Don't Panic!!!!
Let the Earth carry on warming, human kind only add to an already existing working out of the mechanism of Climate Change.
Use an Earth 'Smart Meter' and turn everything off.
Think about what that will mean to lifestyles.
When the process has 'finished' and the Earth has reached the optimum temperature, then all we need to do is adapt to the changing environment.
What sort of world will it be?
How long is a piece of string?
Speculation and environment models will be sort but really, nobody knows.
Past Climate Changes are a guide to what can happen but no guarantee it will happen this time. Can human kind adapt to the scenario presented to it.
You see human kind thinks it is clever (Homo sapiens means wise man) but look at the natural world it knocks spots off of us.
All the clever ones know what to do is to kill and dominate like some school bully.
This of course excludes those who really care who are overshadowed by the 'clever' ones.
Let the politicians and the administration class sort it out?
What is their record to date?
Stephen Moore had the right idea, send them to the planet Golgafrincham.