What are the consequences?

Wipe out!
Who or what will become extinct?
The truth is we do not know.
What we have, what we are facing is something that is afecting generations now and going to effect generations to come.
Climate change.
What is the cause?
As with everything it depends where you look but primarily the amount of emissions pumped into the atmosphere has a marked effect on the planet Earths temperature.
Nature has in place fail safe methods of controlling excessive heat in the atmosphere. I will mention three. 1. ICE 2. TREES. 3. WEATHER SYSTEMS
Trees soak up CO2 emissions.
What is happening to the trees? Deforestation globally.

23.04.2019 BBC Daily News Matt McGrath Environmental Correspondent.
"Tropical tree loss persists at high levels.
Around 12 million hectares of forest in worlds Tropical Regions were lost in 2018 equivalent to 30 football pitches per minute, where this represents a decline on 2016 and 2017 it is still 4th highest loss since records began in 2001.
Of particular concern is the confirmed destruction of what are termed 'primary forests'.
An area of the size of untouched trees the size of Belgium now lost in 2018"

No trees and its accompanying forest floor, where do the species go?
No trees where does the CO2 go?
Water soaks up CO2 emissions then it is , in certain regions, covered in ice, or permafrost.
The effect of climate change at the Equator, has a definite impact on the weather systems.
There are two areas of concern. 1. The species Homo sapiens 2. The eco system
1. The species Homo sapiens
The middle Earth regions are generally the undeveloped and the population is 'poor', as compare to what we refer to as 'the west'.
We in the 'west' are next when temperatures rise even more.
In fact some of the change is being experienced in the developed part of the world now, proving we are not immune.
What can be done? Simple, stop the production of CO2 emissions. Easy? Not by a long way.
Political Will and Industrialists Will, along with Populations Will is needed.
Will it be achieved? I hope so for my next generation of descendants sake.
There is movement in the 'west' growing from the young generation and lets hope the politicians, industrialist listen.
2. The eco system
Without the eco system how can we survive? The rate of extinction amongst the natural world is very alarming. Species are becoming extinct not through evolution which is naturally occurring but through human kinds destruction of the ecosystem.
Above all others what do we ALL need to survive into next week? Food. Man Animals Insects, not counting the food in the seas.
Without a balanced eco system able to feed the population of the Earth it will not matter how well we cosset ourselves within a few weeks we will all be gone!
It is evident that these events are happening now. How they will pan out into the future cannot be left to chance.
Decisions and a plan needs to be enacted now.
Can we all make some contribution to our carbon footprint?
On a individual scale in the big scheme of things, no but collectively we can do something. Insulate our homes, Solar Panels, do not throw food away, stop unnecessary car journeys. Can you think of any more?
Oh, the Earth will spin round still, perhaps enough of the life force will survive to evolve into...who knows what?