Where are we heading?

A 'sea change' in education.
Through the likes of enlightened men & women who could 'see' that where Human Kind is heading into the destruction, through the extensive exploitation, without sustainability. We the present generation have had their 'window' to look out of.
People say, Yes we ought to do something, but what to do?
Various groups form themselves into bodies to lobby successive governments to realise the calamity of pursing the course of take, take, take and for what. money, wealth, power and yet after all the time past we still have the 'poor'.

There is a swing towards conservation, but conserve what? To conserve on a piece meal initiative is laudable but the 'Big picture' needs to be addressed.
Individually we only live a few short years so those pioneers of conservation gradually fade off the scene.

The next generation comes along needing educating into the next stage, the 'Big Picture' the interdependence between Human KInd and the land and its other living inhabitants. The pulling together the separateness of nature being, Oh well, it is not our thing.
Human Kind in its present state cannot survive at its present state of growth.