Science tells us that we are in the 6th extinction period in the history of the Planet.

It is reckoned that this period started when Human kind moved out of Africa.
Is there anything that can be done?

From the smallest life to the top predator, Human Kind
All life needs basic requirements of Air to breathe, Food to eat and a Safe environment.

To quote Darwin:
..if we ask why this or that species is rare, we can answerthat something is unfavourable in its condition of life, but what that something is, we can hardly ever tell.

..the deadliest warfare on this Planet is not waged between bird and the worm or insect it kills, nor betwen a Hawk and the Sparrow it catches, but amoung creatures of the same or allied species.
This conflict stems from the savage competition for a limited supply of food, cover, water and breeding territory. In that eternal strife, only the fittest can survive.

Who or what is the dominate species on this Planet? Why, Human Kind, Home sapiens.

What does Human Kind do when faced with an obstacle in its way of securing more and more wealth? Why, it ignores the natural rule of each species, that they are entitled to a place on this Earth and sets out to destroy. Human Kind has lost touch with nature making it a separate entity to its self.