Go Birding

Where to start?
If you want to get into Birding you can just walk around your garden, park, countryside and listen and look, but soon you will want to identify what you are seeing and hearing.

Start with a Bird Guide, preferably one you can carry in your coat pocket, along with a note book. Also a pair of binoculars which are not too heavy on your neck.

Secondly a book which would build on a guide to give you more clues to identification. ‘Advanced Bird ID Handbook’, this type of book you could keep at home. This is where your note taking pays dividends.

You might want to know a little bit more of that bird. Say, its Habitat, Breeding or/and Migration. If that is true then you would need a more detailed set of books such as the Birds of the Western Palaearctic which is a set in 9 volumes.

With a Guide, Advanced ID and set of Handbooks you are set till your curiosity extends further, then a good Handbook on Ornithology which will give you the science of Biology and Zoology of the World of Birds.

It is good to bird watch on ones own or in company with fellow birders of which there are clubs locally. Or you might have a particular friend. That is how I started.
There are also associations, societies which you can join and enjoy their research projects and read their guidance.
If you just want to enjoy the Birds and just know a little about them then a Bird magazine you can pick up and put down is ideal.

With Birding you can go as far as you like in knowing.

All in all it is not hard work just progress in your hobby in your own time and you will really enjoy 'Birding' reaching to a higher level.

Why, they will even become your friends.