John James Audubon

The Making of an American

By Richard Rhodes Published by: Alfred A. Knopf, New York 2004
If you went around to a number of Ornithologists and asked who, in their opinion, would rank as the highest of bird illustrators the consensus would be John James Audubon.
Richard Rhodes has put together a biography of John James Audubon.
Telling from the birth of John James as a Frenchman, to his passing as an American after completing his mammoth task he set himself to be settled in money to support his family and in seeing his vision of a massive folio (each image was on 'Double Elephant size, 4' x 3', paper) of the birds drawn full size of America completed and in subscribers hands.
He not only completed his Birds of America illustrated folio but afterwards went on to complete his journals which contained his notes on the natural history of America.