'Toll of Bird Numbers'

Small wild birds visiting our gardens were devastated by last years unusually chilly weather.
Daily Mail 05.04.2019 Colin Fernandez Environment Correspondent.
Figures from the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch
Fewer sightings of 15 of the 20 species most commonly seen in gardens compared to 2018
Scientist say that is to early to say if its a blip or trend.
House Sparrow is in top spot but has suffered a 56% decline since Big Garden Watch began 40 years ago.
Third place to the Blue Tit
Long Tailed Tit numbers fallen by 27%
Wren has suffered a 17% decline.
Director of conservation, Martin Harper said " The RSPB wants to help people reconnect with wilder sides. We hope that by understanding what we have lost, we inspire others to take part in the recovery. Without nature our lives are less complete "