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Arthur Beyless & Andrew Langran Photographers

Exhibition at the Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery
Monday 06.05.2019 to Friday 17.05.2019 ...more

Fosse Co op Camera Club

The FOSSE CO OP CAMERA CLUB is holding its 2019 annual exhibition.

Bird that flew 52m Years Ago

First shown in the pages of the daily Mail of the 08.02.2019 ...more

Earlier Spring 'is leaving our wildlife out of sync'

Climate change is shifting Spring forward in Britain
Colin Fernandez, Environment Correspondent ...more

'Toll of Bird Numbers'

Small wild birds visiting our gardens were devastated by last years unusually chilly weather.
Daily Mail 05.04.2019 Colin Fernandez Environment Correspondent. ...more

Blue Bells

One of the best year for Blue Bells (Leicestershire) ...more


600 Plant Species ...more