Welcome to my new site

Why did I set up this web site?
Firstly I felt that my photography was moving along the right lines to my vision of capturing an image.
My first and foremost joy is bird watching.
To see a bird, look at it.
Next comes the observation of the bird.
Along with that comes the questions. Why do they do that? How do they do that?
We are now into the scientific world of Ornithology.
Learning about birds increases our sense of wonder, how a couple of grams can fly half way round the world.
Our sense of wonder leads us onto the rest of the natural world.
Capturing its image is not necessary but as a photographer I cannot help myself.
Learning more about the whole natural world gives one a sense of appreciation. That's where we stand and look!
To date 20.02.2019 I have images now in all categories.